Emmanuel Pahud  flute
Christian Rivet  guitar

A novel combination of flute and guitar in a repertoire ranging from Bach's cheery sonata to Schubert's charm and Piazzolla's tango

When the sensuous gracefulness of Emmanuel Pahud's flute meets the honed subtlety of Christian Rivet's guitar to form a precious alloy. The renowned Franco-Swiss virtuoso and solo flautist in the Berlin Philharmonic needs no introduction. His partner, a disciple of Alexandre Lagoya and luteplayer Hopkinson Smith, is a musician keen to broaden his experience. Their programme is pure listening pleasure. It begins with Bach, who dedicated his flute and harpsichord sonatas (in this case arranged for guitar) to the wisdom and imagination of musicians. It continues with Schubert's spirited Arpeggione Sonata, which lends itself naturally to the adaptation, given that the original instrument was somewhere between a cello and a guitar. It finishes with the inimitable warmth of Piazzolla's music. A concert that transports the listener to other times and other lands.


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