Fazil Say  composition and piano
Mathieu Amalric  reader
Serenad Bağcan  singer

Fazil Say pays tribute in music to the poet Nazim Hikmet, alongside Mathieu Amalric and the great Turkish singer, Serenad Bağcan

Fazil Say is an artist through and through, but also an aware and involved citizen, unsparing of his energy and imagination when grand causes are at stake. The tribute to Nazim Hikmet is one of these, and not the least. This Turkish poet (1902-1963) devoted his life to the fight for freedom and paid for it with many years in prison. He pioneered free verse in his country and was friends with Tzara, Eluard and Aragon. By the sheer scope of his output and the force of his inspiration, he was twentieth-century Turkey's equivalent to Victor Hugo. With the words of Mathieu Amalric and the voice of Serenad Bağcan, Fazil Say puts his talent as a performer to the service of this fervent humanist and major man of letters, not forgetting to blend in a few of his own powerful, but always sincere, compositions.



Le pianiste Fazil Say présente, en compagnie de Mathieu Amalric, son récital en hommage au grand poète turc Nâzim Hikmet.

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