Jean Rondeau  harpsichord
Sophie Gent  violin
Louis Creac’h  violin
Fanny Paccoud  viola
Antoine Touche  cello
Thomas de Pierrefeu double bass
Evolène Kiener  bassoon

New harpsichord star Jean Rondeau breathes youth and verve into the Bach family's concertos

The new harpsichord star is called Jean Rondeau, an apt name for a such a light-heartedly inventive performer. Accompanied by his partners, he performs three concertos by members of the Bach family. One by the patriarch, first of all: the D minor concerto, the most popular of all those written by Johann Sebastian and which would make even the most depressed listener feel cheerful. The F minor concerto is one of the most meaty of the seven composed by Wilhelm Friedemann, the eldest son. Carl Philip Emmanuel was the most brilliant of the sons in the way he made full use of the keyboard's resources. With about 50 concertos to his name, he was particularly prolific. A dazzling performance and a fine tribute to a unique musical dynasty, led by a 22-year-old virtuoso who brings a breath of fresh air to the harpsichord scene.



Extrait de l'enregistrement de l'album consacré aux Concertos de Bach avec Jean Rondeau au clavecin

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