La cambiale di matrimonio

Gioachino Rossini

So who gets to marry the recalcitrant Fanny? Plot twists and intrigues will delight audiences in this virtuoso Rossini opera

Sung in Italian with French subtitles

First performed in 1810 in Venice and a real gem by comparison with other comic farces of the time by now-forgotten composers, La cambiale di matrimonio (The Marriage Contract) immediately stands out for its novel subject: an English trader is ready to give his daughter's hand in marriage to a Canadian merchant in return for a bill of exchange. After a fine Overture with light, very agile solos by French horns and flutes, the opera unfolds in dazzling fireworks. A masterful first for the 18-year-old "Swan of Pesaro", which would be followed by a remarkable series of 30 comic operas. A combination of irresistible comedy and an unaccustomed strict formality, under the direction of the tireless Jean-Claude Malgoire, an inveterate explorer at the helm of this amusing performance.


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