Lucas Debargue  piano

An unclassifiable phenomenon and one of the most promising young French pianists, Lucas Debargue works wonders with Medtner and Liszt

One of the major revelations of recent years. After landing on planet piano during the Tchaikovsky competition, extraterrestrial Lucas Debargue has literally cast a spell on his audiences. Since then, music lovers in Russia – and elsewhere – adore him. A musician to his fingertips, the 26-year-old Frenchman knows better than anyone how to enter into his scores and journey through them with a freshness, an engagement and a charisma that are his alone. And what a bold move to tackle two pinnacles of Romanticism like that! An intense sonata by Medtner, who Rachmaninoff considered the greatest composer of his time, precedes Liszt's monumental work, a sweeping panorama whose every detail will be brought to light by Lucas Debargue.


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