Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse  
Kader Belarbi

Le Corsaire, a major epic ballet with an oriental flavour, revisited by the choreographer Kader Belarbi and his troupe from the Capitole in Toulouse

"Parisian spectators are invited to come and see Le Corsaire, a ballet that has not been performed in a French production since Joseph Mazilier's version in 1856. This new version, created in 2013, gives the dancers from the Ballet du Capitole an opportunity to defend an academic narrative ballet of epic inspiration and with an Oriental flavour. My version is loosely based on Lord Byron's poem, but I reorganised the narrative links and was careful to join up the tableaux in a more cinematic, flexible way. The choreography plays on the twists and turns of the action and the virtuosity of the ensemble dancing, the spirit of Romantic ballet and the exoticism of the entertainment. Adolphe Adam's score has been rearranged, cut up and filled out with the help of conductor David Coleman. This classical-style ballet is over a century and a half old. I hope this new reading will delight all those who want to let themselves be carried along by the boat Le Corsaire. Boarders away!" 

Kader Belarbi

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