Norwegian National Ballet
Ingrid Lorentzen

An innovative and visionary Swan Lake created by Alexander Ekman, one of the most talented young choreographers of his generation

Choreographer Alexander Ekman is now recognised and sought after for his singular gift of combining wit and playfulness. To a score by Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson and costumes by designer Henrik Vibskov, his Swan Lake is a fresh take on the "ballet of ballets". He may not be the first choreographer to revisit the Tchaikovsky-Petipa tandem, but he brings to it an irresistible personal touch and an amusing boldness. Between two fouettés and three entrechats, dancers will now have to know how to dance on water too.



Une nouvelle version du Lac des Cygnes où les danseurs ont dû apprendre à danser sur l'eau... Une œuvre singulière acclamée à la création. 

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