Babar et le Père Noël
Natalie Dessay  narrator
Shani Diluka  piano
Bernard Martinez  motion picture illustrations

The Story of Babar, narrated by Natalie Dessay with Shani Diluka at the piano, returns to the Theatre after its success last season

Zephir, Arthur, Pom, Flora and Alexander write a letter to Father Christmas to ask him to come and visit them, because the elephant kingdom doesn't have a Father Christmas. Every morning, our five friends wait for the postman but, alas, there is no reply. Babar is sorry to see his children crestfallen, so he decides to go and look for Father Christmas and bring him back to his kingdom... 


Extrait de l'enregistrement de Babar et le Père Noël avec Natalie Dessay et Shani Diluka.

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