Les Pêcheurs de perles

Georges Bizet

A picturesque work by a youthful Bizet, already imbued with rich melodies and elegance, served by a promising cast

Sung in French with French subtitles

In 1863, 12 years before Carmen's triumph, Orientalism was in full swing. Bizet, though only just 20, had already received the Prix de Rome. He composed an "exotic" work to meet the expectations of audiences of the time. It revolved around love and friendship in the distant island of Ceylan, but already the work showed every facet of his burgeoning art. The other major interest point in this concert version of the rare work is the presence of three young singers, barely into their 30s and destined for a fine career: the lovely soprano Julie Fuchs, all virtuosity and lightness, and the talented Cyrille Dubois and Florian Sempey, both trained in the Paris opera house's talent-boosting lyric studio and already confirmed in promising careers.

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