Orchestre de chambre de Paris
Douglas Boyd conductor
Cédric Tiberghien piano

Douglas Boyd and Cédric Tiberghien call up the spirits of prodigies for an evening that showcases burgeoning genius

Amazing! Benjamin Britten, possibly the greatest British composer of the 20th century, finished his Sinfonietta at the age of 19. The promising student was eager to show his teacher, Frank Bridge, that he mastered the language of his time. At 25, Brahms didn't dare call his First Serenade a "symphony". Confiding that he felt intimidated by the towering shadow of Beethoven, he held off until he felt mature enough to tackle symphonic writing... Mozart was even younger when he composed his Fifth and Sixth Piano Concertos, bowing to the popular taste for what was known as "galant" music. As the charm of these early pieces works its spell, we discover something quite inexplicable: burgeoning genius.


Le pianiste Cédric Tiberghien présente le concert du 27 septembre 2016 avec l'Orchestre de chambre de Paris et Douglas Boyd

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