Orchestre de chambre de Paris
Antoine Tamestit conductor and viola
Deborah Nemtanu violin

Antoine Tamestit and Deborah Nemtanu converse through some of the finest works written for violin and viola

Between the huge concertante repertoires for violin and cello, the viola only came to the fore in the mid-19th century. While often passed over in Mediterranean countries, the viola is a special favourite in countries with a Germanic or Slavonic tradition, where it becomes the confidant of the soul and the voice of the composer. Discreet but subtle, painfully sincere, often loving, sometimes ironical, the viola fascinated Mozart, who is said to have played it admirably well. What makes this concert programme all the more delightful is that it will introduce us to Mozart's Fourth Symphony - composed at the age of nine - and the amazing virtuosity and rich colours of Schnittke's Monologue! 



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