Orchestre de chambre de Paris
Philippe Cassard conductor and piano

Three Mozart piano concertos from the same year, 1784, magnified by Philippe Cassard

Mozart was 11 years old when he composed the first of his 27 piano concertos, an assured pastiche of the masters of his time. He completed his Fifth Concerto at the age of 17. By then, the pianoforte had taken the place of the harpsichord. The powerful melodic element was a foretaste of his operatic roles to come. Later, around the time of The Marriage of Figaro, the Concerto in E flat major holds the first stirrings of Romanticism: a more dramatic style, bold, imaginative writing, falsely carefree, a true confession, between smiles and tears - all traits that would culminate in the last piano concerto, composed when Mozart had only a few months to live. 

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