Orchestre de chambre de Paris
François-Frédéric Guy conductor and piano

We continue our exploration of Mozart's concerto repertoire with François-Frédéric Guy and the universally acclaimed numbers 20 and 21

"When we arrived, the copyist was still writing and your brother didn't have time to rehearse the rondo because he had to reread the copy." Leopold Mozart was complaining to his daughter about Wolfgang's negligence. The latter did not compose quickly enough and had to improvise almost the entire solo part of the twentieth piano concerto! The work is so dramatic and powerful that Beethoven later wrote a cadenza for it that is pure genius. The twentieth piano concerto, like the twenty-first that followed, ushers in Romanticism. François-Frédéric Guy conducts both concertos from the piano, along with the seldom-heard Rondo in D major. But a surprise awaits us: we will discover with Marc Monnet an astounding, disturbing and passionate cadenza for the best-known of Mozart's concertos.

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