Orchestre Lamoureux
Philippe de Chalendar  conductor
Anna Fedorova  piano
Chœur Mikrokosmos  direction Loïc Pierre

Young Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova debuts at the Theatre in the iconic Rachmaninov Concerto No. 2, which shot her to fame

Russian Romantic music, which so aptly captures all the subtlety of human emotions, has been entrusted to conductor Philippe de Chalendar for this concert performed in partnership with the Mikrokosmos Chamber Choir.

The programme includes Rachmaninov, whose enormous reputation stems as much from the extreme technical difficulty of his works as from their intimist aura; contemporary composer Thierry Machuel, specialist in choral music and in constant search of poetry; Rimsky-Korsakov, sometimes called "a wizard of the orchestra", and his symphonic poem that evokes the oriental colours of the country of the 1001 Nights.

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