Orchestre Lamoureux
Nicolas Simon  conductor
David Krakauer  clarinet

The multifaceted clarinet in a programme led by David Krakauer, who returns to the Theatre after his triumphal first concert

American clarinettist David Krakauer is one of those great performers that the Orchestre Lamoureux loves to be reunited with on a regular basis. He may fill concert halls around the world, his approachable, unpretentious personality make him an instantly likeable artist. He has expanded his musical horizons from klezmer (traditional Jewish music from Eastern Europe) to include various other currents such as blues, jazz and classical. He has been given carte blanche and this evening will perform the Rhapsody No. 1 by Debussy, several of whose masterpieces were first performed by the Orchestre Lamoureux (The Sea, The Prodigal Son, Nocturnes).



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