Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester
Daniel Harding  conductor
Christian Gerhaher  baritone

A sweeping exploration, from Schumann's second symphony to Schoenberg's expressionism and Berlioz's nostalgia

Since its foundation by Claudio Abbado, the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra has remained true to its mentor's precepts: make music universally accessible and provide the best possible conditions for young musicians to train and find work. Over the years, the orchestra has grown from a promising breeding ground into a high-level, coherent and, dynamic musical ensemble, despite the inherent member turnover. This concert is an opportunity to demonstrate the scope of its repertoire, from classical and Romantic through to the composers of the 20th century. For this Parisian concert led by Daniel Harding, now musical director of the Orchestre de Paris, it will explore Schumann and his dark, disturbing Second Symphony, Berlioz's Summer Nights in the baritone version, and Schoenberg, an ardent musician, idealist and dazzling musical intelligence.

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