Matthias Goerne  baritone
Leif Ove Andsnes  piano
Schubert Cycle

Pinnacle of Schubert's work, The Winter Journey is a reflection on death and oblivion

Matthias Goerne is a giant in every sense of the word, both physically and vocally. He is, without the shadow of a doubt, the finest performer imaginable today for this Schubert lieder cycle, a repertoire that he has been constantly reflecting on for over 15 years, both on concert platforms and in recording studios. This three-evening cycle is an exceptional and priceless opportunity to approach the quintessence of this cycle, in its chronological and musical coherence, in a few hours. Second evening with The Winter Journey, a work of desperate Romanticism and funereal melancholy. Matthias Goerne pours everything into his performance and, beyond the private suffering he expresses, draws us to the other side of the mirror. Simply magnificent.

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