Dominique de Williencourt  cello
Marielle Nordmann  harp
Jean Ferrandis  flute
Gérard Poulet  violin
Bruno Pasquier  viola
Emile Naoumoff  piano
Masato Matsuura  Nô Théâter, traditionnal japonese art

A tribute to Debussy, from his sonatas to the Japanese traditional theatre adaptation of the Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

Of the six "sonatas for various instruments" that Claude Debussy intended to compose, only three were actually written. 100 years later, almost to the day, cellist and inspired composer Dominique de Williencourt has gathered musician friends to play these key pieces of the chamber music repertoire. On 5 May 1917, Gaston Poulet playing violin and the composer at the piano presented the sonata in the Salle Gaveau. Today his son, Gérard Poulet, a major representative of the violin school, will pay tribute to them with Emile Naoumoff, Nadia Boulanger's favourite pupil, at the piano. Harpist Marielle Nordmann will enchant the audience alongside Bruno Pasquier's velvety viola and Jean Ferrandis' luminous flute. These premier musicians usher listeners along an Impressionist stroll through Debussy's time. They will close this concert with an original choreography to the "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" by the grand master of Noh theatre, Masato Matsuura..

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