Grigory Sokolov  piano
Piano aux Champs-Elysées

Legendary. Outstanding. Sokolov has the knack for moving his audiences to tears. His only concert in Paris will be no exception

An exceptional pianist, capable of playing fortissimos that fill halls like the biggest organs, or murmuring the subtlest of nuances that could have come from a Stradivarious, Grigory Sokolov is also an artist whose performances spark the most impassioned responses. Resolutely different, never ordinary, his visions of the main composers sharpen our mind, shake up our habits, and make us hear works from another angle. His Schumann will undoubtedly be quite different too: the delicate Arabesque and the concentrated passion in the Fantasie - the composer's impassioned cry of love to Clara - will resonate as never before. 

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