Ibrahim Maalouf  trumpet and direction

Ibrahim Maalouf presents the new generation of trumpet players in a tribute concert for the great Maurice André

The most prominent trumpet player on today's stages has concocted a tribute to the musician who most successfully embodied the instrument in the 20th century. In the family home, decorated with photos of Maurice André, the trumpet was as necessary and natural as the air he breathed. The international virtuoso, who had taught his father and was the family's guardian angel, played a background role in helping the young Ibrahim surpass himself and, through relentless work, attain the summit himself. Flanked by brilliant trumpet players from the new generation, he revisits the pieces that were dear to Maurice André's heart, lays bridges between different genres - true to his desire to shake up habits - and throws in a few of his own compositions: a way for Ibrahim Maalouf to pay tribute to the brilliant musician and the kind, generous man.

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