Nemanja Radulovic violin
Double Sens
Les Grands Solistes

The Franco-Serbian violinist crowned at the Victoires de la musique and his Double Sens ensemble celebrate Bach and his concertos

The life young Franco-Serbian violinist Nemanja Radulovic has led so far is a journey in itself. He grew up in Serbia, started the violin at seven, and when civil war seemed imminent in the 1990s, the child prodigy left his home country to take part in competitions all over Europe. In his teen years, his family settled in Paris so that he could continue his musical education. A fervent admirer of Paganini and Isaac Stern, he was equally happy playing the classical repertoire as playing folk melodies, a reminder that his heart is still in the Balkans. His long, jet-black hair, tattoos and "Bohemian" look make him something of an exception on the major touring soloist circuit. And yet his sheer virtuosity is mainly what sets his playing apart and makes him such an engaging artist. We can expect this to shine through yet again in this concert entirely devoted to Bach.

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