Nikolaï Lugansky  piano
Piano aux Champs-Elysées

The Russian pianist strikes a chord with the Slavic soul in a new programme full of delicacy and subtlety, from Chopin to Tchaikovsky

This eminent pianist - and enduring favourite with French audiences - tackles Tchaikovsky's Seasons, which are becoming an increasingly popular choice among soloists. Who could complain, when a self-effacing pianist chooses to play them, moving from the tender nostalgia of June to the joyful vitality of August and the stylish waltz of December with the same ease? Nikolai Lugansky consistently hits the mark, infusing the cycle with an infectious charm. His immaculate technique, innate nobility and pure phrasing then do justice to three of Chopin's most inspired pieces - feverish epics with a deeply personal song.

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