Wiener Solisten Septett
Wiener Philharmonica Soloists
Yeree Suh  soprano
Rainer Honeck  direction and violin
Wiener Philharmonica Konzertmeister

The soloists from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra revive the Viennese tradition in a mixed vocal and string programme

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's string soloists are gathered once again under their Konzertmeister Rainer Honeck in a programme featuring the combination of voice and strings. The ensemble has every reason to repeat the outstanding experience enjoyed by the audience at the concert here on 30 March 2015, kicking off this cycle dedicated to the Viennese chamber music tradition.  Young Korean soprano Yeree Sue will perform three song cycles by Mahler and Berg - gems of the Viennese song repertoire from the turn of the 20th century, accompanied by the uniquely velvety tones of the prestigious ensemble's strings. The sung component will be framed by two late masterpieces by Mozart and Richard Strauss for string ensemble: Mozart's last Double-Viola Quintet in E flat Major from 1791, and Strauss's Metamorphosen for solo strings in its original version for string septet, a touching, resigned reflection by the composer of the Rosenkavalier, written in spring 1945 in the face of the ruins of Germany.



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