Orchestre de chambre de Paris
Douglas Boyd conductor
Yvonne Naef mezzo-soprano

Idylls between the refined love of Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder and the sheer emotion of Schumann's Fantasy

The gift is all the more beautiful for being intangible. To quote the title of a work by Bach, it is a musical offering... but an offering to the beloved. Cosima first heard a serenade composed for her 33rd birthday, the Siegfried Idyll, when it was performed at the entrance to her villa. Some years earlier, Wagner had offered a musical gift to another married woman. His passion for Mathilde Wesendonck created a scandal when a letter found by Wagner's then wife Minna left the respective couples in no doubt as to his feelings. Nostalgia, confidence and passion can also be heard in Robert Schumann's Fourth Symphony. The writing is at once austere and infinitely tender: Schumann has painted the portrait, in music, of his adored fiancée Clara Wieck. 



Présentation du concet du 11 octobre 2016 consacré à Wagner et Schumann

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